Monday, November 30, 2009

Gangsta Babies

Hi everyone. I guess gangsta babies isn't quite right for these pictures (not sure if gangsters wear pink), but I couldn't think of anything else.
I also don't think they pose on their dad's lap, but whatever.I'm pretty sure they do push people around though.
On to another topic entirely, the babies like to wear their shirts one shouldered now-a-days. I saw an article that said one-shouldered tops are all the rage this winter and was very glad to know that...
because they're not the only ones who like to wear the one-shouldered look.
I recently saw this picture for the first time. This is me and my older sisters and brother with both sets of grandparents. I'm the one by my grandma and am apparently trying to take off my top. I guess these things must run in the genes. Also, notice the look on Jacob's face. He's pretty grumpy looking. I think it's pretty hilarious. (I only said that because it's his birthday today, and what's a sister for if not to make fun of you on your birthday? Happy Birthday Jacob!)

Friday, November 20, 2009

Spare Change

Here I am again. Next day too. Must be a record. Anyway, Amazon recommended that I buy this book called Spare Change by Aubrey Mace a couple weeks ago. I was a little surprised because turns out it's a Mormon chick lit book. As far as I know, the only comparable book I've bought from Amazon is Austenland by Shannon Hale (which I thought was pretty entertaining), but that was when I was on bed rest with the twins. Amazon has a long memory. I should probably clarify something. When I say Mormon chick lit, I mean it's totally clean and kind of mentions going to church. It's not overtly religious, so those of you who were worried that I might recommend a spiritual book can relax. You know I would never do that! Ha ha ha.

The book opens on New Year's Eve, when Riley is over at her family's house reluctantly making New Year's resolutions along with her brothers and sisters. She hates resolutions because she never follows through, but she finally decides on just one- to save up her spare change and give herself a treat at the end of the year. She begins doing just that but then changes the focus of her resolution as a result of interacting with people at her job- she is a receptionist at a cancer treatment center. Instead of buying something for herself, she decides to donate the money to cancer research. It starts out as collecting pennies from lunch and ice cream and then escalates into a fundraiser and a carnival. There's also a boy or two involved- it is chick lit after all.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book, which I guess tells you something about my expectations for a Mormon chick lit book. They're not high. I hate it when chick lit authors deliberately try to make their main characters flawed without any reason other than they think that somehow makes them more interesting. It usually backfires because most authors are not talented enough to pull it off, and their characters become completely horrific people that you wouldn't want to spend 5 minutes with. I liked this book because there's none of that. The main character is likeable, and you root for her. I would say the entire book is similarly likeable. I hope more books like it will be published. Ok, now I'm starting to overpraise it and maybe setting your expectations too high. I'll leave it at this. I liked the book, and I'll most likely read it again some day when I need a quick and entertaining read.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Katie Swings and Looks Kinda Miserable

Like the previous post, it's self-explanatory.

Charlotte Goes Down the Slide

It's self-explanatory. Not that you don't want my explanations because I'm sure you do, but they're unnecessary this time. Well, they are unnecessary all the time, but that's a thought for another day.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Letter To Me

Dear Mom,
Why do you torture me so? Why did you put my hair in this ridiculous ponytail today?
Haven't I been a good daughter? Haven't I given you enough hugs? Didn't I put my ducky in your face this afternoon and make you kiss it over and over again? Wasn't that cute? I'll be even more cute if you stop putting my hair in a ponytail, I promise.

P.S. Also, if you don't stop it, Charlotte will put a hex on you.