Sunday, April 11, 2010


Ok people, here are some Easter pictures. We've got some babies who wear their sunglasses inside. I saw Usher do that on American Idol a couple weeks ago. Since they're doing it too, I think they must be famous.
Charlotte takes a spare moment from her fans to say hello and eat some jelly beans. Ahhhhh jelly beans. The babies found the first true love of their short lives when they tasted them.
And after noticing that Katie couldn't see diddly crap without pushing her hair out of her eyes, I did their hair so that we could have an Easter egg hunt. Her vision improved, and she found some eggs.
They actually call eggs "bubbles." If you happen to be driving by my house and hear them screaming about bubbles, it's because they have accidentally lost one. It could also be because I gathered them all up and hid them above the microwave. I'm thinking that if they find them there, they're geniuses.
But back to the Easter egg hunt. Well that's actually pretty much it. Here's a parting shot of Katie getting ready to go inside.Oh, and how can I forget our dying basil plant. We bought it one day before Easter and it died about one day after Easter. It just shriveled up completely. Hopefully our other plants will do better this year.
Yum! Doesn't that make you want to go make something basily?