Friday, June 18, 2010

Sleeping...... Or Not

Ok, so we put the girls down at 7, but sometimes they don't really go to sleep until more like 8:30.  I love 7.  It is my favorite time of day.  Some day we will have to bow to the inevitable and put them down at 8.  For right now, though, 7 it is.  Anyway, sometimes we hear them laughing so hard in there that we have to go in and investigate.  This is what we found one night.
Do you like the way Katie's nonchalantly getting rid of her pants?  Who needs 'em?
Yes, Charlotte still sleeps with a pacifier or "fafie" as she calls it.  She must have it or the world will end.
I caught Katie and Mickey peeking at me through the bars.

After their night time photo shoot, they did finally settle down and go to sleep.  As I'm sure you noticed, they only went to sleep after taking off their pajamas.  Well, at least they're asleep.  Could have been worse.  They could have taken their diapers off too.