Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fashion From A Two Year Old

Isn't it awesome?  We've got a navy hoodie, a green Tinkerbell shirt, purple leggings, and hot pink slippers.  Her only competition for true fashion leader is her sister.  I'm not sure Charlotte can compete with the purple leggings though.  She went with the classic black knit pants instead.
They're not sure who the winner is, so they decide to hug it out.
And because they've been fighting a lot lately, I'm posting another picture of them hugging so I can remember it later on when they're screaming at each other.  "My daddy!  No!  My daddy! "No, not yours.  Mine!" etc......
P.S. You're not crazy.  I did post two things in two days.  It's because today is my mom's birthday, and she told me I needed to post something as a birthday present.  See what an obedient daughter I am?  Happy Birthday Mom. 


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Melody said...

Adorable that they fight over whose Daddy Jared is! I got your message a few minutes ago, but I'm pretty sure you're in bed by now, so I'll call you tomorrow. Or you can call me if I forget. :)